About Us
Specialists in Revenue Growth

Medena has provided practical consulting and operational support services for businesses for over 14 years. These span SMEs and start ups, through to Venture Capital and Private Equity financed organisations, in addition to having been selected to joining the turn-around teams of several FTSE listed companies.


Our further practical experience of running advertising agencies, sales teams, telesales groups, marketing functions and growth companies has been fundamental in defining the solutions we now deliver.


We help shape and build sales, marketing and communication functions by getting directly involved as required. Our comprehensive range of proven tools and methodologies have been crafted from working across multiple markets, 

enabling us to support existing management to move the business forward and achieve its full revenue potential.



We test companies for sales responsiveness. 

How would your company perform?


Understand true business value through collating the customers real view


Understand the impact of geography and reach on revenue performance 

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